Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Eyes: March 2012

After watching a few videos on youtube mention tangerine/orange as being an in colour this spring, I decided I wanted to use it in my eye make-up today. Here was the outcome of my play session. I'm so picky, and it still wasn't how I wanted it, but I ran out of time this morning. Please also ignore my terrible eyebrows. Tomorrow is my day off, & that will be the first place I go (the salon) new eyebrows here I come. :)

How do you feel about orange? Will you be sporting it on your eyes/face? Or more in your accessories/clothing? Perhaps not at all?

xo, Ames


  1. I've already sported orange more than once this spring.

    1. :) I want some tangerine pumps. SO BAD. hahah I have a shoe problem. -__- It's okay with me, just not my bank account.